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Archipelago Tours


Archipelago Tours is your special travel and tour agent specialising in the Finnish Archipelago.

We offer You and your guests complete, tailor-made packages. Operations actually cover the area from Uusikaupunki to Kotka, but we mainly focus on the Turku and Åland Archipelagoes, which form the most interesting part of the world famous Finnish Archipelago.

Our experience with the Archipelago extends over a 20 year period, which means we really know how to find those unforgettable places and activities which you and your guests simply cannot experience anywhere else.

Our operations are divided into six main parts and within these we have also a large selection of carefully selected and tested partners each specialising in their own services. This arrangement helps us organise each package individually in the most cost effective way and in this way we can also guarantee the best possible result irrespective of the activities you choose.

One phone call is all you need! Tell us your needs and we will make you a tailor made offer.

We look forward to having you and your guests as customers!

Mr Mikael Hägg
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