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Experience the Finnish Archipelago

The Archipelago Sea offers the most breath-taking surroundings for Your needs.

Archipelago Tours provides professionally planned transports, activities and conference services along with accommodation according to Your groups specific needs.

When we arrange the package, we make sure that every part is handled by experts in the area. We will take your group to the experts - you can concentrate on entertaining your guests.

Service offering

We offer a multitude of different activities. The most popular categories are listed below. If you require something different, we will search the best possible experts in any special category needed.

* Cruises and transports
* Jet Ski Safaris
* Fishing
* Nature Trails
* Canoeing
* Diving
* Sailing on traditional sailing boats
* Accommodation
* Day and night sailing with or without skipper
* Golf
* Cabin rentals
* Charter tours
* Conferences
* Saunas
* Feasts
* Selection of popular packages
* Individually prepared special activities


Please contact us - we are there to help you and your guests prepare a memorable visit to the wonderful Finnish Archipelago!